Three Rivers Park District will celebrate a Big Year of Birds -

2022-07-30 04:36:21 By : Ms. Fiona Hwang

Three Rivers Park District will celebrate a Big Year of Birds in 2022. Several scheduled events include an increased number of classes, regular programs on birds plus a speakers series, migratory bird festival and Big Sit events. (See below)

Bird programs began at various nature centers earlier this month. Park buildings are open, but some programs are virtual, so check the website for the latest details.

The guest speaker series begins Sunday Jan. 30 featuring Sharon Stiteler, Twin Cities birding personality and author known to many as Birdchick.

All programs will be at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony. All begin at 2 p.m.

The park system has designed a pocket-size 10-panel foldout ID guide on durable glossy stock. It has 142 excellent illustrations plus scientific names, size, and in some cases brief helpful notes. The guide is on sale at park nature centers and selected programs for $8.95.

There's also a checklist, a 16-page 5- by 8-inch booklet with easy-to-use content not found on most checklists. It is free and available as a pdf on the park's website or as hard copies at our nature centers.

Find more information on speakers and a planned festival at

Now, about the Big Sit events. It's simple: You or your team choose a good birding location. Sit there for an hour or a day or any given period and list all of the bird species seen or heard without leaving that location. This could be considered a very gentle competitive event.

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