This pop-up tent attaches to your car in only 5 minutes so you can camp anywhere the road takes you - Yanko Design

2022-11-30 16:25:18 By : Mr. JAMES LIU

CARSULE is a portable, pop-up tent for camping that can attach to a variety of hatchbacks, including minivans, MPVs, SUVs, and station wagons.

MOGICS is a Nevada-based company that deals with convenience. Portability, functionality, and usability remain the foundational pillars for MOGICS, producing specialty items like universal adapters and wireless light spheres. CARSULE, a pop-up cabin for your car, is one of the latest specialty items to come from the company. Your next best travel companion, CARSULE can attach to a variety of car models to provide a comfortable, spacious tent on camping trips that take you as far as the road goes. Offroad Tents

This pop-up tent attaches to your car in only 5 minutes so you can camp anywhere the road takes you - Yanko Design

Constructed from UV resistant and waterproof materials, when fully assembled, CARSULE provides up to 2 meters worth of headroom. Unlike most tents, CARSULE is designed to provide space for more than just sleeping. Large enough to function as a sleeping area and a lounge space, the designers behind CARSULE describe, “Unlike most tents that are only meant for sleeping, CARSULE provides you with a living room in the outdoors and offers mobility since the simple installation makes the movement possible and easy.”

Designed for cars with a tailgate that swings upwards, the trunk’s door serves as a latch for CARSULE to find structural support. Consisting of two metal spring loops, CARSULE’s frame is shaped by four aluminum rods. Once the tent is popped open and standing in its cubic shape, users can anchor the tent to their vehicle’s trunk door with an adjustable anchor strap.

CARSULE’s cubic shape is then reinforced by diagonal ceiling tension lines that double as fixtures for users to hang accessories from when inside the tent, including headlamps and cooling fans. Outfitted with waterproof polyurethane flooring and a 4mm felt carpet, CARSULE is a comfortable, private sanctuary where users can enjoy the wide-open outdoors.

Four aluminum rods give shape to CARSULE, looping through exterior spring attachments.

CARSULE can fit a variety of different vehicles with trunks that swing upward. 

CARSULE is designed to bring you as close to the great outdoors and is outfitted with protective netting. Rising to the height of your car, CARSULE comes with plenty of headroom for movement.

Waterproof flooring lines the bottom of CARSULE to ensure comfortable sleeping.

The ample headroom allows heat to rise and for the main living area of CARSULE to remain cool.

Even when you’re not sleeping, CARSULE provides a comfortable place to move around, relax, or get some work done.

CARSULE can be anchored anywhere, thanks to the added stability provided by your vehicle.

Transparent netting protects you from the elements, but keeps the outdoors at your fingertips. 

CARSULE’s build also always provides access to your car’s storage compartments, allowing for more floor space.

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This pop-up tent attaches to your car in only 5 minutes so you can camp anywhere the road takes you - Yanko Design

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