Two people arrested and two cocaine distribution points of sale dismantled in Villamalea – Albacete Capital

2022-07-06 08:44:50 By : Ms. Erin Xie

Local Information Daily - News from Albacete and Province -Members of the Investigation Team and the Judicial Police Territorial Team, both based in the town of La Roda, within the framework of the 'VESPERO' operation, have arrested 2 people aged 38 and 54 in the town of Villamalea and investigated two more, all of them of Ecuadorian origin, as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health in the form of drug trafficking.Last February, the Civil Guard learned that a person, based in the Albacete town of Villamalea, could be selling narcotic substances, specifically cocaine, in that same town and in other neighboring towns.After the opening of the corresponding investigation, the initial suspicions could be verified and, after five months, the four people who formed the criminal network were identified.During the exploitation of the "VESPERO" operation, 2 simultaneous searches were carried out, in the town of Villamalea, where the Civil Guard seized the following narcotic substances and effects:- 25.3 grams of cocaine, of great purity.- 3,125 euros in cash, supposedly from the sale of the drug.- 1 car - 2 mobile phones.- Various tools used for the preparation of the doses.With the narcotic substances seized by the Civil Guard, some 500 doses could have been prepared and thanks to this action they have been left out of circulation and subsequent human consumption.In the final phase of the “VESPERO” operation, the La Roda Investigation Team had the support of the La Roda Judicial Police Territorial Team, the Citizen Security Unit (USECIC), a canine handler, as well as members of different units. of Citizen Security, all of them belonging to the Albacete Command.The police investigations carried out by the La Roda Investigation Team were handed over, along with the detainees, to the Casas Ibáñez Investigating Court No. 1.Posted in: Home Province, ProvinceI am writing this article wondering if it is really necessary to explain why tomorrow, Wednesday, we will be in front of the headquarters of the business organizations of this region -and ofJuly 2, 2022 By Manuel Womanizer Bottle.Professor of Art History at the IES Parque Lineal de Albacete and former teacher at the UCLMThere was a time when Albacete was a mountain.The magic mountain that Thomas Mann placed in the landscapes of Davos and to whose sanatoriums the big middle class wentThis article is a collaboration of the colleague Antonio Selva Iniesta, for the Puente CollectiveThe Government of Spain plans to approve this Tuesday a public employment plan to stabilize [...]The cumulative incidence (AI) of coronavirus cases in people over 60 years of age in Castilla-La Mancha [...]The fire produced in Venta de Moro, a Valencian town very close to the border between Castill [...]The seventh call for the Employment Plan launched between the regional government and the five provincial councils [...]Castilla-La Mancha has registered a new case of monkeypox, specifically in the province of [...]During the summer open days will be held where you can appreciate the six archaeological research projects of HellínThe II Hellín Humor Festival, which will be held from this Tuesday to July 7, will feature David Guapo and Leonor Lavado, in three sessions over as many days in which David Domínguez, Carmen Alcayde and Chely Capitán will also perform.The performances will be at the Dolores Abril amphitheater and […]Runaway inflation in much of Europe has caught us with particularly low wages in pa [...]There was a time when Albacete was a mountain.The magic mountain that Thomas Mann placed in the paisa [...]The director of the Royal Spanish Academy, Santiago Muñoz Machado, is not a man of letters, he is not a lingüi [...]Francisco Cerro Chaves, Archbishop of Toledo, told us in his reply speech to the appointment of him [...]In recent weeks, the flow of the Tagus River has visibly decreased in its middle section.In Toledo [...]Copyright © 2022 - AlbaceteCapital • Contact: • More regional news at •• Information on privacy and use of cookies • "Who we are" •